An alphabetical list of commonly used idioms, phrases, expressions, and inside jokes of the Bald Move community.

  • The Bacon Gauntlet: A phrase used to describe when a writer/director/showrunner is attempting to get a point across in a particularly cumbersome or heavy handed manner, more or less a synonym for the term "hamfisted". Example: Boy, the Villigan really threw down the Bacon Gauntlet in that scene.
  • The Villigan/Villigang: A playful portmanteau of Vince Gilligan (Creator of Breaking Bad) which refers to both his name and his somewhat villainous nature, coined due to his devious tendency to abuse the characters in his stories. The Villigang refers to the general crew who regularly work under Vince Gilligan. Example: The Villigan was in full force today when that kid got murdered
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