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Super Serious Film Fest is our themed series of movie reviews.

Season of the Cage

Season premiered October 25th, 2018.

“Season of the Cage” Trailer
Check out the trailer for season one of Super Serious Film Fest, a.k.a Season of the Cage! This season covers the best and the worst of Nic Cage, the summer and winter of his career, in what we're calling "Season of the Cage". Each week for the next 6 weeks we'll be watching a Nicolas Cage movie and giving our in-depth review, free for everyone. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the video version or to the podcast feed for the audio version. Only for Club Bald Move members, we'll also be providing various bonus features, including things like movie rewrites and a retrospectus on Nicolas Cage's career. Finally, for Club Bald Move members we're also releasing a pre-recorded LiveWatch for each of the movies we cover.
During the sweltering summer of this first season we'll be covering three of Nic's best movies: The Rock, The Weather Man, and Adaptation. When the frigid winds blow and summer turns to winter, we'll finish up with three of his worst: Con Air, Vampire's Kiss, and Season of the Witch.

Super Serious Film Fest – The Rock (1996) – LIVEWATCH
Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery in an early Michael Bay action movie? What's not to love? Club members, come watch The Rock with us!

Super Serious Film Fest – The Rock (1996)
Welcome to The Rock, and welcome to the first review of Super Serious Film Fest's "Season of the Cage". Released in 1996, this modern classic stands as one of Nic Cage's, as well as Michael Bay's, finest action movies. It's not quite the level of Caginess you're probably looking for but the Season of the Cage is just warming up. Join us next week for The Weather Man.

Super Serious Film Fest – The Rock (1996) – Sequel Pitch
It's fair to say that The Rock is a great action movie. That's why we decided that our first rewrite should be a sequel rather than a true remake of the original film. Trust us, it's better this way. Though maybe don't trust us too much because the sequel we came up with is called The Clock… and that's probably the smartest thing about it.

Super Serious Film Fest – The Weather Man (2005) – Rewrite
It's time to rewrite The Weather Man. We think we can do it without Guy Ferrari's help this time. That might be a mistake. Instead of one well-plotted sequel like we got with The Rock, this time we venture off in two completely different directions and develop two pitches, neither of which can probably live up to the excellent work of Steve Conrad. But you be the judge. Let us know what you thought on our forums.

Super Serious Film Fest – The Weather Man (2005) – LIVEWATCH
There's truly nothing better in this life than to see a man who takes himself oh so seriously be blasted in the face with soft tacos, frosties and a third-gallon of cherry soda. I can't conjur the words to express the joy. Luckily, thanks to our Livewatch of The Weather Man, I don't have to! Sync up your copy of the movie and watch along with us.

Super Serious Film Fest – The Weather Man (2005)
The Season of the Cage continues with another of Nicolas Cage's best films, The Weather Man (2005). He plays a well-payed Chicago weather man who would have the perfect life if only he could make his father proud, get the job of his dreams, win back his ex-wife, and stop ruining the lives of his children. Will Cage's raging summer ever end? Yeah, of course it will, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Super Serious Film Fest – Adaptation (2002) – LIVEWATCH
Despite containing perhaps Nicolas Cage's finest performance, and being one hell of an interesting movie, we manage to turn the livewatch for Adaptation into nearly two hours of jokes about missing teeth, monkeys, and a man who loves to fuck orchids. Enjoy the show!

Super Serious Film Fest – Adaptation (2002)
We're back with a review of Charlie Kaufman's 2002 "look-mom-I-wrote-myself-into-this-movie-about-orchids" classic, Adaptation. It's a real noodle-bender which features one of Nicolas Cage's finest performances. Fitting, since it puts a bow on the Summer portion of Season of the Cage.

Super Serious Film Fest – Adaptation (2002) – Extended Discussion
Turns out that the discussion presented in our review of Adaptation was about half of what we actually recorded. In typical fashion, we digressed quite a bit into topics that we'll call "creatively related" to the movie; what Dan Harmon has to say about creative writing, episodic vs. serialized TV, our creative hangups and methods for overcoming them. As a Club Bald Move member, you get to enjoy the entirety of our extended Adaptation discussion.

Super Serious Film Fest – Con Air (1997) – Rewrite
A shocking discovery was made as we attempted to rewrite the cheesy classic, Con Air: It's actually way harder than you think to fix this movie. Does that mean that the plot is actually better thought-out than we first assumed? Or is the fundamental idea so flawed that it's simply impossible to film if you respect your audience? Or perhaps it's simply a lack of imagination on our part? Any way you view it, we had to get real silly to make this one work, but we had a lot of fun in the process.

Super Serious Film Fest – Con Air (1997) – LIVEWATCH
We kicked off the back half of Season of the Cage with perhaps his most mainstream film of all time, Con Air. Does that mean it's inoffensive? No. Is it one of Cage's more impressive acting jobs? Also, no. Is it even a good film? Again, no. But that also doesn't mean it's not a fun movie to watch. Jim loves it, A.Ron probably doesn't, but you should decide for yourself as you listen to us make jokes over it.

Super Serious Film Fest – Con Air (1997)
Multiple viewings and hours of sober reflection have led us both to believe that Con Air is a bad movie. The plot is contrived, the accents are awful, and it's perhaps the least "Cagey" performance in Cage's entire career. And yet, maybe based on star-power alone, it remains a classic which simply must be watched.

Super Serious Film Fest – Vampire’s Kiss (1988) – Rewrite
We take a couple cracks at the Vampire's Kiss rewrite; one serious, one not so much. Can we fix a movie that isn't worth watching without its lead actor? If not, maybe we can further ruin the movie in search of the dark comedy within?

Super Serious Film Fest – Vampire’s Kiss (1988) – LIVEWATCH
Watching an unhinged Nicolas Cage performance for the first time is an experience that simply can't be matched. There were enormous expectations for Vampire's Kiss, and I'm happy to say they were met. Sync up your copy of the movie with ours and join us on this magical journey.

Super Serious Film Fest – Vampire’s Kiss (1988)
Have you ever seen Nicolas Cage make a phonecall while wearing plastic vampire teeth? Have you seen him shout and gesticulate his way through the entire alphabet? Have you seen him literally say "boo hoo" while crying? No? Then you certainly haven't seen Vampire's Kiss, which is in the running for "Cage-iest" movie of all time.

Super Serious Film Fest – Season of the Witch (2011) – LIVEWATCH
The final livewatch of the Season of the Cage is in the books and it's, well… completely mediocre. Like the movie and starring actors it's based on, there's absolutely nothing worth seeing here. Ok, so maybe we spice it up a bit with a few jokes but can that really save a complete pancake of a movie?

Super Serious Film Fest – Season of the Witch (2011)
We draw the Season of the Cage to a close with its namesake movie, Season of the Witch. Does this movie, which stars Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Claire Foy, and that guy who played Al Capone in Boardwalk Empire, actually deserve a viewing? A.Ron and I certainly have an opinion.

Super Serious Film Fest – Season of the Cage Retrospective
In the past 6 weeks, we've learned more about Nicolas Cage than we ever thought we would, or ever really cared to. So for the final week of season 1 of Super Serious Film Fest we've decided to do a retrospective on the whole process. We talk about our favorite moments from Season of the Cage as well as the most interesting things we learned about the man himself, Nicolas Cage.

Season of Fantasy

Season premiered April 19th, 2019.

Super Serious Film Fest – Conan the Barbarian (1982) – LIVEWATCH
What's scarier than a necromancer who can transform into a hideous giant snake demon? James Earl Jones with bangs! All Club members are welcome to watch Conan with us as we wax poetic about Arnold, laugh, and trade bad impressions!

Super Serious Film Fest – Conan the Barbarian (1982)
Grab your sword and strap on your sandals! We're celebrating the return of Game of Thrones by doing a season long look at the fantasy films that came before it. From the classic to the camp, we love them all! S2F2: Fantasy kicks off with Conan the Barbarian, a film that helped launch the career of one Arnold Schwarzenegger into the stratosphere. And sure, we can quibble with some of the sillier plot points happening in the margins, and some of the casting, and a lot of the hair and makeup, but Conan is a serious film with some great set pieces, an absolutely magnetic star, and it even manages to land a few points that approach the profound. Listen to our podcast, or watch the enhanced video version!

Super Serious Film Fest – Reign of Fire (2002) – LIVEWATCH
For the latest installment of Super Serious Film Fest: Fantasy, A.Ron and Jim investigate the documentary Reign of Fire, which chronicles what happens when greedy early-21st century dragon tycoons delved too greedily and too deep for dragons in the very bowels of London. Nothing good, that's what! Come sync up the film and watch with us or put on our commentary track for background laughs. They're no wrong way to do a LiveWatch! Don't forget about the accompanying podcast, too!

Super Serious Film Fest – Reign of Fire (2002)
The next installment of Super Serious Film Fest: Fantasy features Reign of Fire, a movie so-close-to-sort-of-kind-of-good that it lands squarely into the realm of "cheesy fun." Aside from Game of Thrones, no film or series has done more to advance the art of CGI dragons as Reign, and no other film even comes close in the coveted shirtless McConaughey vs. Bale category. If you look carefully, you may see an extremely young King Joffrey hiding out among the other plucky young heroes. Please enjoy our podcast, and if you're a Club Member, be sure to check out our LiveWatch!

DragonHeart (1996) – LIVEWATCH
DragonHeart (1996)
OMG! It's a movie with Sean Connery, David Thewlis, and DRAGONS? What could be better? I'll tell you what… A movie without Dennis Quaid. ANY movie without Dennis Quaid. Especially a movie without Dennis Quaid sporting a dime-store wig and an accent to match. But here we are. We've seen the movie and we have thoughts.

Excalibur (1981) – LIVEWATCH
Excalibur (1981)
Excalibur is one of the most ambitious tellings of the legend of King Arthur. It's chock full of knights, castles, and excellent actors. Today we find out if Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir (?… probably) Liam Neeson, among others, can do enough heavy lifting to hold Excalibur on high or if it will be an eternally stabbing pain in our rocky hearts.

Super Serious Film Fest – Willow (1988)
The Super Serious Film Fest: Fantasy reaches it’s thrilling conclusion with a look at 1998’s Willow. The brain child of one George Lucas, directed by protege Ron Howard, and starring the delightful Warwick Davis, Willow still struggles to this day to find an audience. It suffers from simultaneously being curiously dark for a family film, but far too simple, uncomplicated, and broad to hold much interest for adults. While it boasted some cutting edge special effects for our day, the best one might be the baby Elora herself, played by a suite of infants. It shouldn’t be possible for a baby to be this winsome and charming, but there it is.

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